Burj Al-Arab Hotel Dubai in Palm Jumeirah island

Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai

Burj Al-Arab Hotel Dubai in Palm Jumeirah island

Dubai is full of many astonishing sites and buildings, millions of tourists visit Dubai each year to enjoy its amazing sites, not only Burj Khalifa and Dubai mall are famous amazing buildings but also Burj Al-Arab Dubai Hotel. It is the best 7-star hotel in Dubai as it is a luxurious hotel with many facilities that you can’t imagine. In addition, Its height is 211 m as it was the tallest building once it was built in 1999. However, now it is still in the 76 ranks as the tallest building all over the world. We will tell you everything you need to know about this fabulous hotel.

History of Burj Al-Arab Hotel

It was built by Mohamed Bin Rashed Al-Maktoum the ruler of Dubai in December 1999. Besides, the hotel was created over an artificial island which is 280 m from the beach. It was the tallest building at that time even more than the Empire state of New York. The administration of this hotel is Jumeira hotels.

The design

It was built with a unique design as the sail of a traditional Arab ship. and also the interior design with special high standards. Besides, it has 56 floors that contain 202 single rooms and 28 double rooms. Moreover, it has a royal suit that has been one of the most important royal suits all over the world.

In addition, the entire hotel is equipped with the finest furniture and attractive decorations according to international standards. As well as bathrooms designed with mosaic patterns and luxurious designs. The hotel also has 28,000 lamps distributed throughout the hotel.

The location

The location is in Jumeira in Dubai as it’s near Palm Jumeira Island which is one of the main destinations for many visitors. So, the exact address is: Jumeira Street – Umm Suqeim 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Burj Al Arab hotel Dubai facilities

As a 7-star hotel with luxury facilities, there are various services and food even activities that you can enjoy in Burj Al-Arab. These facilities include:

Burj Al Arab hotel Dubai tennis court

You can enjoy your time playing tennis on the tennis court, as there is a spacious Tennis court with all facilities and services.

Burj Al Arab rooms

The most important thing in the hotel is the room as it is where you will feel at your home. It has luxury designs and more facilities than you think. Besides, there is a royal suit which is one of the main characteristics of Burj Al-Arab as many royal kings stayed in them.

Swimming pools

You can also enjoy water activities such as swimming, as the hotel offers various swimming pools.

Burj Al Arab beach

While staying in a hotel, you must relax at the beach as the hotel offers you fabulous views of the beach with a variety of services.

Lunch at Burj Al Arab hotel Dubai

You can enjoy having your lunch from any nationality as you will enjoy tasting delicious dishes from European cuisine, Asian cuisine and Arabic cuisine…etc, and many other dishes that you can get whatever you dream of at your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sindbad Club for children

If you have children, don’t worry, they will enjoy it a lot. There is a place dedicated to children’s games called Sinbad Club for children.

Images of Burj Al Arab hotel Dubai

There are many amazing Pictures of Burj Al Arab hotel Dubai that will you decide to make your vacation time there where you can relax and take rest. Check the following images that will make you make your decision.

Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai at sunset
Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai night

Burj Al Arab hotel Dubai restaurants

As we just mentioned that there is a wide variety of dishes from any cuisine, so all you need is to choose what you want. Besides, you will enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or dinner with calm music. There are many restaurants, as you will find on different floors of the hotel such as:

Restaurants on the ground floor:

Al Mahara restaurant.

Gouana vestibule restaurant.

Bab el yam restaurant.

Jounsy restaurant.

Restaurants on the first floor:

Al-Ewan and Sahn Al-Dar.

Restaurants on the 27 floor:

Al-Mountaha restaurant.

Burj Al Arab booking

Booking a room in this Hotel is easy as you can check the website of Burj Al Arab hotel. There are a variety of options for reserving a room. Burj Al Arab hotel Dubai’s price per night is about 2150 $. It may be that cost is high, however, it is worth its price with its facilities and activities besides the luxury design.

Burj Al Arab hotel Dubai jobs

Jobs in Burj Al Arab hotel Dubai are many and in many categories of the hotel, however, you need to be qualified and have a great experience. As the service is luxury as well as everything in the hotel, you must be part of the hotel that represents its high standard levels. Therefore, this hotel career is specified for those who will match its requirements and its goal is to keep a high standard level of service.

Video Burj Al Arab hotel Dubai

Enjoy watching the below video which includes the Tour Burj Al Arab hotel Dubai

In conclusion, This hotel is one of the iconic places in Dubai and the entire United Arab of Emirates. Save money to enjoy your next vacation there and have many luxuries and amazing activities.


What is special about Burj Al Arab hotel?

It is the only 7 standard hotels all over the world, it has a royal suit that is one of the best 15 royal suits all over the world.

Is the Burj Al Arab a 7-star hotel?

Actually, there are other 7-star hotels in the world, however usually Burj Al Arab Hotel Jumeira is described as “the only seven stars hotel”. That’s due to its luxuries and fabulous standards that it keeps following.

What is on the roof of Burj Al Arab?

A Tennis Court is on the roof of the hotel, it occupies an area of 415 sq m.