Sudan History

Sudan History

Sudan History

The Republic of Sudan is one of the Arab countries located in the African continent to the south of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and shares the Nile River with Egypt, where Sudan ranks first in the African continent and tenth in the world in terms of its land area.

The relationship between Sudan and Egypt / Sudan History

The history of Sudan is completely linked with its neighbor Egypt since the time of the Pharaohs, and during the Roman conquest of Egypt and the declaration of Egypt as a Christian state, this extended to Sudan. A Christian state was established in the Nuba desert until the Islamic conquest came and the establishment of the Islamic state in Egypt and Sudan.

Sudan economy

The agricultural sector represents the most important productive sectors in Sudan, and Sudan is considered the “food basket of the year” due to the wide area of agricultural land, the plurality of prevailing climatic patterns, and the availability of water.
Most of Sudanese exports consist of agricultural products such as cotton, gum arabic, meat, and grains, in addition to vegetables and fruits. The animal sector comes in second place in terms of importance, due to the availability of natural pastures.

Industry in Sudan

The most prevalent forms of industry in Sudan are industries that depend on agricultural and animal products, such as the textile industry, sugar, and vegetable oils.

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