The Moroccan city of Rabat is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in a flat plain area.
It is the administrative capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, and its area extends to more than 118.5 km² .
Therefore, it is the third city in the Kingdom in terms of area, and is affected by the climate of the Atlantic Ocean, as its climate is relatively humid. Due to its proximity to the sea and to the dam of Sidi Muhammad bin Abdullah.


The population of Rabat is 577,827 thousand, according to 2014 statistics.
The vast majority of the population embraces the religion of Islam with multiple sects, while the city includes a number of Jews as well.
The population speaks Arabic as an official language, in addition to the Berber language and the French language, which is taught in schools along with the Arabic language.


  • The Almohad wall: This wall, which is approximately 2263 m in length, extends from the west of the city of Rabat to its north, and rises about ten meters from the ground, and is based on seventy-four towers, and it has five gates, including: Bab Al Rawah, Bab Al Alou, and others.
  • The Andalusian Wall: Its length is about 2,400 meters.
  • Chellah Site: It is a small archaeological city located above the Bou Regreg River, and was founded in the sixth century BC.
  • Mausoleums: in it are the tomb of the Moroccan monarch Mohammed V, and his two sons: the late King Hassan II and Prince Abdullah.
  • Hassan Tower: It is an ancient historical building, and one of the most prominent landmarks of Andalusian Islamic art.
  • Andalusian gardens: These gardens extend parallel to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and are distinguished by their greenery and picturesque nature.

Rabat Weather

07:4018:43 +01
Feels like: 14°C
Wind: 0km/h SE
Humidity: 94%
Pressure: 1017.27mbar
UV index: 0