Author: Ghadeer Almadhoun

Dubai City | Dubai Time now | Tourist Places

Dubai Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates specifically on the northeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, and is bordered by the emirate of Abu Dhabi to the south, Sharjah to the northeast, and the Sultanate of Oman to the southeast. It is classified as the second largest city in the Emirates, and it […]

Atlantis Dubai | The man-made island

Atlantis Dubai Atlantis Dubai is a man-made island located in Dubai in the middle of Jumeirah Island. Atlantis is a huge hotel. It was opened in 2008 and includes about 1,539 guest rooms. In the legendary story of Atlantis, which is the fictional island that was written by Plato, a fireworks display of about 3.1 […]

Flags of Arab Countries – Pics and Summaries

The flags of the Arab countries, of course, represent a special symbol and a distinctive shape for each country in the Arab world in general. Indeed, the flags of countries always preserve their symbol in existence and support their independence, and it is mentioned that in the past all Arab countries carried one flag under the […]

The old name for the city of Jerusalem

Names of ancient Jerusalem The oldest name of the city of Jerusalem is Jebus, then called Oorchalm name, or the city of Shalem, [1] and therefore the historical sources have proved that Jerusalem bore multiple names, including Zion, Aorchalaam, and Yerushalaim, these labels are not Hebrew or Jewish, but they are the names of Canaanite […]

Customs and traditions in Egypt

Customs and traditions in Egypt Customs and traditions differ between peoples as a whole, as customs are what the generations have passed down in terms of actions and sayings and remain present in religious and social events and rituals, among others. It is necessary to stop and talk about Egyptian customs in Egypt, which are […]

The longest Mountain chain in Jordan

The country of Jordan in the Middle East. situated west of Palestine and the Jordan river. It is a country at the crossroads of the continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe.Countries with international borders to Jordan are Iraq, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and a portion of the Palestinian territories.The country is most well known for […]