Customs and traditions in Egypt

Customs and traditions in Egypt

Customs and traditions in Egypt

Customs and traditions in Egypt

Customs and traditions differ between peoples as a whole, as customs are what the generations have passed down in terms of actions and sayings and remain present in religious and social events and rituals, among others. It is necessary to stop and talk about Egyptian customs in Egypt, which are full of customs and traditions.

The customs of Egyptians vary from one occasion to another, so the people in Egypt follow many of these customs and traditions in terms of sorrows, weddings, and holidays, including the following:


Weddings are an indispensable occasion in all parts of the world. In Egypt, for example, customs took place to present the bride’s apparatus, which consists of a box in which accessories such as necklaces, jewelry, and colored ribbons are placed in which the long hair and pillow are adorned.


One of the traditions in funerals is to hire the famous reciters of the Holy Qur’an, as well as gather around the dead when they put him on the bed, and it is also customary to visit the dead on holidays.

The birth of children

One week after the birth of the baby, neighbors, and relatives flock to celebrate this new baby, offering gifts to the new baby.

Birth of the Prophet

It is a great occasion that has been celebrated since ancient times, as customs took place by organizing rallies in which young people, children, and elderly people flock to flags, raising flags with expressions of praise to the Prophet, may blessings and peace be upon him, and roaming them around the city to celebrate this occasion.

Other Egyptian customs

One of the inherited customs is Sham al-Nessim, which is celebrated on the twenty-first of April every year, during which Egyptians eat fesikh (salted fish). Also, Egyptian traditions during Ramadan are outstanding and have lots of attractive customs.

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