Arabic scientists

Arabic scientists

Arabic scientists

The Arab world has many famous figures in history and in the modern days in many fields that had made great changes to our lives, so we will tell you the most famous Arabic scientists. There are many Arabic scientists that had made many great discoveries and inventions in Math, science,   and many other fields. We will mention the most famous Muslim scientists and their inventions.

Arabic scientists

1. Ibn- Sina (Avicenna)

His name is Abu Ali Al-Hussain Ibn Sina. He was born in the year 980 AD in the city of Afshana. He is the most famous Islamic physician, philosopher, and scientist in the fields of natural sciences and mathematics. In addition, he was one of the most influential philosophical figures and physicians in Europe and the Islamic world in the Middle Ages, as his books and discoveries in medicine were studied in European universities. He is called in the west Avicenna.

Ibn Sina’s achievements in Medicine

Avicenna made many discoveries in the field of medicine such as:

  • Understand and also explain the stroke.
  • Explain many brain diseases and also their impact on the body.
  • Discover many gynecological diseases such as puerperal fever.
  • Prescribe more than 600 medicines.
  • He succeeded in many discoveries in anatomy.

Ibn Sina’s achievements in physics

Understand the nature of light. Besides, explaining how sound is transmitted through sound waves.

Ibn Sina’s achievements in astronomy

He invented a device for observing the stars

Ibn Sina books

  • The Book of Healing 
  • The Canon of Medicine
  • The Metaphysics of The Healing
  • Remarks and Admonitions: Physics and Metaphysics Ibn Sina
  • Al‑N ijat

2.Hassan Ibn Al-Haitham

His name is Abu Ali Al-Hassan bin Al-Hassan bin Al-Haytham Al-Basri. He was born in the year 965 AD in Basra. In addition, he made many important discoveries and achievements in physics, mathematics, optics, astronomy, engineering, philosophy, eyes, mathematics, optics, physics, astronomy, engineering, ophthalmology, and philosophy. He died in 1040 AD

The achievements of Hassan Ibn Al-Haytham

He has a lot of achievements in many fields as has been proven by modern scientists. These fields include engineering, astronomy, and also Medicine. The most important discovery is al-manaẓir (“Optics”).

3. Jabir Ibn Hayyan

His name is Jaber bin Hayyan bin Abdullah Al-Kufi Al-Azdi. He was born in 721 AD in Iraq or the Levant. Opinions differed on that. In addition, he is an Arab Muslim scholar. In addition, he was famous as the first to use chemistry in history, and one of the most important fields in which he succeeded with many achievements and discoveries are medicine, pharmacology, chemistry, astronomy, and philosophy. He died in 815 AD.

Achievements of Jabir Ibn Hayyan

Jabir Ibn Hayyan is the first to discover many chemical compounds such as gold water, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and mercury sulfide. Moreover, he was the first to be able to separate gold from silver. He also made non-combustible paper and many distinguished discoveries in the field of chemistry.

Books of Jabir Ibn Hayyan

  • Kitab al-Kimya.
  • The Works of Geber Jabir ibn Hayyan.
  • The invention of Verity.

4. Ibn Al-Nafis

He is Abu Al-Hassan Aladdin Ali bin Abi Al-Hazm Al-Khalidi. He was born in 1913 in Damascus. In addition to that, he is a Muslim scientist and physician, and one of his most important discoveries is micro-circulation, and he has set many rules of medicine that doctors rely on so far. Ibn al-Nafis died in 1288 AD

Books of Ibn Al-nafis

  • Al-Shamil fi al-Tibb Ibn al-Nafis.
  • Kitab al-Mukhtar fi al-Aghdhiya Ibn al-Nafis

5. Al- Khawarizmi

His name is Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Musa al-Khwarizmi. In addition, He was born in 781 AD. Besides, He was also famous as a Muslim mathematician, astronomer, and geographer. He died in 847 AD.

Achievements of Al-Khawarizmi

  • Foundations of algebra.
  • Discover the many rules of mathematics.
  • He contributed to the creation of the first map of the world.
  • He described the terrain on the ground.
  • He put the basics of the numbers.

Muslim scientists list

  1. Ibn- Sina.
  2. Al-Razi.
  3. Al- Khawarizmi.
  4. Ibn Al-Nafis.
  5. Nasir Al-din Al-Tusi.
  6. Hassan Ibn Al-Haitham.
  7. Jabir Ibn Hayyan.
  8. Omar Khayyam.
  9. Al-Battani.
  10. Al-Zahrawi.

Muslim scientists

When Islam came many Muslim scientists have been appeared and managed many fields of science such as:

  1. Ibn Kathir in Philosophy and also Jurisprudence.
  2. Al-Qurtubi in the Arabic language.
  3. Tabari in jurisprudence and also interpretation.
  4. Al-Farabi in Science.
  5. Yaqoub bin Ishaq Al Kindi in sciences such as astronomy, mathematics, medicine, and music.
  6. Ibn Rushd in Philosophy and also Medicine.
  7. Al-Idrisi in the science of geography.
  8. Ibn Saqlab in Medicine.
  9. Ibn Sina in medicine and also philosophy.
  10. Al-Ghazali famous Arabic scientist.

Female Arabic scientists

Not only did men excel as scientists, but many women excelled as scientists in many different fields such as medicine, politics, philosophy and many other fields to this day.

Fatima Al-Fihri

It is the foundation of the first university in the world in 859 AD in Morocco. She also studied medicine, physics, history, chemistry, and grammar. They died in 1180 AD.

Anbara Salam Al-Khalidi

She is one of the feel writers, translators, and also novelists. In addition, it is the most famous written by the Iliad.

Writer, translator, novelist, activist, and also feminist leader Anbara had a great impact on the expression of Arab women in her time. Moreover, She traveled the world and had a passion for learning. She was the first to translate the famous work “The Iliad” into Arabic. In addition, she translated many important books and traveled around the world.

Rawya Attia

She is famous for being the first woman in the Egyptian parliament, as well as the first woman to serve as an army officer. She has also been active in both politics and the press.

Modern Arabic scientists

There are many modern Arab scientists who are Famous Arab scientists 21st century such as:

Dr.Ahmed Zewail

He is an Egyptian scientist who discovered the femtosecond and won the Nobel Prize as well as the Benjamin Franklin Prize. He is one of the most important Arabic scientists.

Dr.Farouk El-Baz

He is an Egyptian-American scientist who worked for NASA and is one of the most distinguished astronomers in the modern era.

Dr.Magdi Yacoub

He is an Egyptian-British scientist besides being a famous surgeon who has many charitable works to treat many heart diseases.

Dr.Shadia Rifai ropes

A Syrian-American astronomer and physicist who was famous for her discoveries in the field of solar eclipses and also astronomy.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Nashei

He is a famous physicist who was able to discover many things in Einstein’s general theory of relativity as well as study spacetime.

Dr. Ahmed Saeed Al-Tibi

He is a Palestinian doctor and also he has many achievements in the field of medicine.

Muslim scientists 2020

  • Dr. Ahmed Zewail (1946-2016)
  • Dr. Muhammad Al-Nashaei (1943)
  • Dr. Issam Hajji (1945)
  • Dr. Munir Hassan Nayfeh (1945)
  • Dr. Ahmed Said Al-Tibi (1949-2010)

In conclusion, there are still many modern Arabic scientists and discoverers to this day, and this indicates the extent of the intelligence of the Arab world. Besides, its ability to bring about radical developments in the entire world, not only the Arab world.