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Rabat – Arab Capitals

The Moroccan city of Rabat is one of the Arab capitals located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in a flat plain area.It is the administrative capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, and its area extends to more than 118.5 km².Therefore, it is the third city in the Kingdom in terms of area and […]

Casablanca city Morocco

Casablanca city Morocco is one of the most important cities in the Arab world that has many cultures in the same city. It has passed through many civilizations that influenced it and left many traces in Casablanca. Besides, Casablanca is the biggest city in Morocco, and also it is one of the main economic centers […]

Arab countries capitals and currencies

Arab countries, capitals, and currencies Arab countries are characterized by their adherence to their traditions and heritage, we will inform you about Arab Arab countries, capitals, and currencies. The area of ​​the Arab world It takes the area from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Arabian Gulf in the east. The origin of […]

Agadir – Arabic Cities

Arabic Cities: Agadir Agadir is a Moroccan city from Arabic Cities on the Atlantic coast, 508 km from the capital, Rabat. It rises about 56 meters above sea level.The city of Agadir is of interest primarily because of its location, as it is surrounded by the Anti Atlas, the Sahara Desert on the Atlantic coast with many […]

Sousse – Arabic Cities

Sousse Sousse is an Arabic city located on the Mediterranean coast, 140 km southeast of the Tunisian capital.The city of Sousse is called the Jewel of the Coast, because it extends 45 km into the eastern coast overlooking the Mediterranean, and it rises about 4 m above sea level. Sousse is characterized by a moderate […]

Most beautiful Arab Country | Morocco

Most beautiful Arab Country | Morocco The popular tourist site Trip Advisor has released its annual list of the best tourist destinations in the world for 2015, and the Maghreb was the only Arab country on this list.Morocco is considered one of the most beautiful Arab countries, because it contains many cultures that merge with […]

Flags of Arab Countries – Pics and Summaries

The flags of the Arab countries, of course, represent a special symbol and a distinctive shape for each country in the Arab world in general. Indeed, the flags of countries always preserve their symbol in existence and support their independence, and it is mentioned that in the past all Arab countries carried one flag under the […]

Arab countries in Africa – Arab League

Africa Africa ranked second occupies in the world in terms of area, with an area of about 30.2 million km2, covering approximately 6% of the total ball floor space equivalent to 20.4% of the land area, and surrounded by the sea north Mediterranean and the Western The Atlantic Ocean, on the north-eastern side, the Suez […]